Marcelo Molina

Marcelo Molina


MARCELO MOLINA became a true professional very early in life. By age 14 he was already a radio announcer and a TV actor, in his native Argentina. His impressive stage presence, self-confidence, charismatic personality and undeniable talent made him an ikon with the young audience. Winning his first national recognition at age 16, it did not take long for MARCELO to add to his credit vorious acknowledgments and awards for his excellent work.

MARCELO MOLINA, restless, adventurous, and eager to make it as an international actor, looks for new horizons and travels from one end to the other of Latin America, working non-stop on theoters, television and soap operas in his native Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, etc.

His name, his looks and his work soon become known, not only in Latin America, but also in Europe. A very important German high fashion company is highly impressed by the virile Latin looks of MARCELO, and immediately offered him a modeling job in Germany. lt was not long before MARCELO had conquered the European market, receiving countless offers to model for high-fashion designers in France, Italy, Spain, and the rest of Europe. MARCELO had become the image of the Latin Lover, and the most popular Latin model in Europe. Because MARCELO - besides being a model - is an excellent actor and singer, he was able to create his own show - a mixture of traditional modeling, singing and dancing - which set him apart from the rest.

The German mini-series ' TAT ORT ' finds in MARCELO the new look they have been searching for, and MARCELO signs with them to start shooting the mini-series. MARCELO also signs a contract to produce several commercials; among these commercials it is worth noting the commercial shot in Acapulco for the bath gel CLIFF, where he dives from a cliff. This dangerous dive, performed impeccably, earned him the title of 'CLIFFMAN', which has also become synonymous of 'handsome, virile man'.

MARCELO lived in Spain for while where he attends the Real Academia de Arte Dramático de Madrid, and also lands a role as one of the main characters in the movie 'PAPA PIQUILLO', under the direction of Alvaro Saenz de Heredia, one of the most acclaimed movie directors in Europe.

MARCELO MOLINA always had an inclination towards music. In Europe, he is well known as a singer and composer. As a singer, on numerous occasions he has enjoyed standing ovations from the crowds for whom he has performed. MARCELO not only has a powerful voice, but also an equally powerful stage presence and charisma. MARCELO is also a composer, having written several of the songs of his first release. Many of his compositions are internationally known, such as ' Tengo Fe ', which is the theme song of the movie ' PAPA PIQUILLO '. The production of ' Tengo Fe ' was entrusted to Klaus Jager, who has also produced for Maffei, Milva, and many other international artists.

The end of the year 1999 was nothing short of spectacular for MARCELO, having had the honor of being the only Latin performer at GALA 99 STARK SEIN. This is an annual event in Germany, organized by Jose Carreras, to raise funds for cancer research. Besides Carreras, MARCELO enjoyed the company of many world renowned artists, among them Plácido Domingo, Andrea Bocelli and Patricia Kaas.

The year 2000 is a very importont year for MARCELO MOLINA, two major international producers have got toqether to produce MARCELO's first CD, titled ' DIRECTO A TU CORAZÓN '. One of these producers is none other than Jack White (who has produced for Paul Anka, David Hasselhoff, Angelbert Humperdinck, etc.), with sales of over 300 million copies, and José Silva (who has produced for ChiChi Peralta, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, etc.).

MARCELO's CD has already been released in Europe with great success, and will very soon be released in United States. The CD can be prelistened and ordered over this page (simply click here) . The quality of the CD and the impressive career of MARCELO MOLINA have won the respect of one of the best known talent agencies in the world, WILLIAM MORRIS, which is presently putting together an international tour for this great artist.
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